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Graham, 55 Essex

I’ve loosened up and I feel the benefit. It’s simple and simple things aren’t always easy, I’ve come with an open mind. I've been coming for six months.

Pam, 60s Essex

First class with Sue and I’ve enjoyed it very much,I find her very good at teaching, I found it easy to do and I think it’s an excellent class and I shall definitely be coming back.

Sarah, 38 Essex

I absolutely loved it. I’m not into exercise but I found this great fun and easy, and what I liked the most was that it is helping my brain and the functions of it, it’s fascinating. It’s an amazing fun different exercise. Sue is an absolutely fantastic teacher and explains how different movement can enhance our brain and maximise our potential. It’s something I will definitely be doing again, and I highly recommend it.

Clara, 34 Essex

I'm partially sighted and since CORE-cr I can walk fluently without having to concentrate and can talk at the same time. Normally I have to walk for ten minutes to be able to walk and talk or even change my bag from one hand to the other. I can look around while I’m walking without getting dizzy or veering off. It is making things less scary particularly in crowds. The feel good factor from this class is amazing. It is completely different from anything I have ever done. It was great fun.

Jan, 50s Essex

I feel buzzing, absolutely brilliant. Great fun, lots of laughs as well. It’s revolutionary, and suitable for all ages, to get the brain synapses working and brain pathways. People may come to a class who have a problem and it will ease. This is the first exercise class I’ve been to where you do an exercise for astigmatism, You’d have to go to six separate classes for what you get here and it would cost a fortune. You don’t need to, come to Sue’s class and she can fix everything for you.

Sarah, 22 Essex

I feel fantastic, I feel the most stretched out I've ever been, come and join in, it's really exciting and you realise how unbalanced you are when you do CORE-cr.