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Kellie, 45 Chelmsford

I really enjoyed Sue’s class, I’ve been a teacher for 25 years and it’s rare you come across something different, something new, that tackles things you can’t get to in the more traditional types of exercise because these are focused on getting to the mind from the body which is an interesting way of doing it.

Caroline 53 London

I really enjoyed it, I was interested in coming for my practice, and I feel great after my first class. I love the good eye exercises. Highly recommended.

Sandra, 62 Essex

My co-ordination has improved over the past year, more movement in body, more stability, I’m able to focus better, and remember more. Interesting to learn how the eyes and memory work together. I feel good and better than I normally do. It’s done an awful lot for me. It’s taught in a way I can understand. I’m learning to feel my body.

Chris, 23 Essex

I really thoroughly enjoyed it, really exciting, something new, that I’ve not done before and that’s what I really enjoyed. It’s a good stress release as well it really relaxed me, I feel much better for it. I’m going to recommend it to my clients. I’ve really enjoyed it, I’m doing it for flexibility and posture, I’ve got more movement now, in squats I’m able to get lower, better flow and technique. It’s ticking all the boxes for my training and it’s good for the mind AS well.

Sue, 65+ Essex

I need a good memory for my work, but since I’ve been working with CORE-cr I’ve noticed a difference, without struggling to remember anything, now I don’t have to work hard to remember. I’m happy with the result.

Susan, 68 Essex

Thoroughly enjoyed it. It was fun. I would recommend it and I think it helps with flexibility and bending, I've been coming for 6 months and I love it.