How Core Connective Resetting Works

The brain only knows what is going on, because of feedback from the body.

So, if the nerve inputs are not reporting properly due to damage, degradation, or because there was a break in development, then the brain struggles to make sense of its surroundings, and so if the input is faulty, the output will be not as expected. To overcome or avoid this, we can keep our brain working optimally by feeding it the correct information: through movement.

Brain development is hierarchical, that means things happen in an order.

If there is a break at some point, things may not develop as normal afterwards. That is why we get things like dyslexia and autism.

When there hasn't been a break in development, we get neurotypical people (people without a learning issue), but in old age, when things start to break down through lack of proper use, we can get breaks in development.

Luckily the brain is plastic (this means that we can grow new bits, or maintain or improve what we have if we know how).

So the purpose of CORE is to make sure that the brain is working as well as it can because of specific movements of the body.

By repeating the movements that babies do in utero (while forming in the uterus), we can keep ourselves young and working at optimum.

What we target at CORE is the cranial nerves and specific parts of the brain involved in movement and memory.

These include

  • Eye movements
  • Head movements
  • Balance movements
  • Movements for depth perception
  • Movements to recover astigmatism
  • Movements to keep our memory sharp
  • Movements to keep our eye tracking working optimally
  • Movements to keep our ability to adjust our vision to our surroundings
  • Movements to keep us relaxed and our breathing automatic (not stressed)
  • Movements to keep our whole body toned and connected
  • Movements that work the fundamental core of our our body so that we are strong and as fit as we can be

When we move our head at the same time as an arm, we are triggering specific parts of the brain (olivary complex).

When we copy certain movements called primitive reflexes (which develop temporarily in babies and young children and last until a more highly developed status develops) we make sure that our whole body is toned and that our brain either does not have a chance to age, or that anti ageing measures are achieved.

When we repeat movements we ensure that the nerve pathways we need are built and maintained.

All of the exercises in CORE have a vision and/or balance component to them. So all of them are good for vision and balance. Vision is so important that the different exercises target different aspects of vision, that is why we do things the way we do, so that everything gets exercised.


  • Feel great
  • recalibrate your nerves
  • more mobility and flexibility
  • increased core strength
  • more tone 
  • and did I mention it's fun