Core Values and Benefits


why we do what we do

Always about being green and healthy

Reading Sue Cook’s story is the way to really understand why we are so driven to at CORE-CR to do things in a sustainable and green way with health always a priority. Our health is our wealth and that comes from actually walking the walk not just talking the talk.

As a health scientist Sue Cook understands that not everybody is aware of the impact their actions can make on their health; from the foods chosen, the drinks chosen, the amount and type of exercise, even the thoughts thought. So we take a whole person approach at CORE-CR to being the best version of ourselves in all ways and at all times through education. 

By doing CORE-CR and maintaining your body and improving your flexibility, muscle tone and strength, as well as your mental acuity, that is a very green way to live. Less medication will be needed, both in the sense that physical exercise makes us happy and improves our mental health as well as may reduce our need for medication in the future. And aims to minimise the risk of hip breakage and balance loss in old age, leading to less need for medication. The choice is yours. Do you want to make healthy choices for your future? Are you committed? We use no equipment, in CORE-CR just the floor and mats. So it is accessible anywhere.


When we are healthy, we can be fully expressed in our lives. The goal is to always improve upon our mental and physical wellness using sensible accessible strategies that are effective and fun. We at CORE-CR want to inspire and educate you to want to learn and make healthy choices. With great health and wellness comes lower need for medication, and greater happiness in life.


Sue Cook’s life changing defining moments came through illness: nearly choking to death at 19 during glandular fever, and several other occasions that put Sue on the road to a life of health education. Hopefully you won’t have to go through that, so let us teach and support you what we have learnt in decades of study. If you have had your own health scares, then come with us and discover what we learnt. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to become healthy, improve your health and wellness and know what to do next.


Sue Cook was raised by ‘war babies’. Her parents were young during the Second World War and experienced recycling, upcycling, creative use of resources, and avoiding/minimising waste. As a result Sue has always been careful in her use of resources and materials, believing that if she is to create a product that works, then it should be accessible to all, everywhere. In CORE-CR you can see this in action in various ways: local classes so attendees can walk; part online training to save on fuel; minimal use of equipment; promotion of healthy lifestyle through education; online resources meaning that less trees were harmed (the internet is already there, we might as well use it).


We want you to succeed at CORE-CR and have a great time, and make friends, and feel part of a community. It is important to us, because we know the impact of having a sense of belonging can have on you. 


We understand the importance of self improvement at CORE-CR, so we have created opportunities for you, whether it is attending beneficial CORE-CR classes; whether you are training with us as an instructor, or whether you are educating yourself about superfoods, we can help you achieve your goals. And if there’s something we aren’t doing that you want, please get in touch.


A major issue for a lot of people when battling between the want to do some exercise and the fear of attending a class full of supermodels, is feeling inadequate and fat. CORE-CR is for real people. Some of them are tall, some short, some thin, some fat, some with cancer and some with partial sight. We care about your inside, and sense of inclusion. We care about your self esteem and promise to always be caring, inclusive, supportive and understanding NO MATTER what is going for you. 


We aim to be open and transparent in our communication with you. We want you to be more than satisfied with everything you get from us.


A high standard of cleanliness and behaviour is expected from our instructors, with high personal role model standards. 


Instructors agree to being open to learn and progress as we develop the company; actively engaged in updating knowledge and improving professional skills.


CORE-CR is a safe activity for most, though it is the instructors obligation to know the individuals needs and goals of class attendees and to ensure their physical safety at all times.

Get back to feeling good with CORE-cr, feel strong and therefore safer in your environment. Follow what we did, to achieve younger and healthy. Sharing this information FOR THE FIRST TIME to normal healthy adults, to feel better and younger.

That's why we created it.

Our vision is that everyone has the chance to do CORE-cr to keep their brain and body young.