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What is CORE Connective Resetting?

Truly Original

Been searching for a system of exercise that nurtures your brain and your body?

Sue Cook, neurodevelopment specialist was seeking just that when she developed this unique and cutting edge exercise programme that not only maintains or improves your muscle strength, tone, and joint flexibility but also keeps your brain working by stimulating the balance areas, and the visual apparatus, along with the parts that keep your thoughts able to flow so you can process information quickly. And did I mention it tones up the whole core easily?

Why is this important?

So many people start to experience a diminishing memory as they age, as well as balance issues, a dip in cognitive speed and functioning and a general decline.


It doesn't have to be like that. Correct movement of the body can, according to Sue Cook, neurodevelopment specialist, create and maintain a healthy brain.

Yes, indeed it can, I have been helping hundreds of patients over the last ten years with learning issues and we have been able to create through movement, brains that function optimally, so we are now using these techniques, adapted for adults like you, to maintain your body and mind fitness in a fun way. I would go as far as saying that it's anti-ageing.

Sue Cook


The FUN way to get your body and brain connected, strong and working.

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Exciting and Easy

CORE-cr is powerful and good for you.

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CORE-cr In Action

A quick glimpse at a CORE-cr class.

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Video Testimonials

See how much people love doing CORE-cr.

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Susan, 68 Essex

Thoroughly enjoyed it. It was fun. I would recommend it and I think it helps with flexibility and bending, I've been coming for 6 months and I love it.

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If you would like to learn more about CORE-cr, a great place to start would be how CORE-cr works or how and why Sue Cook developed CORE-cr. To dig deeper into the science behind CORE-cr and neurodevelopment, check out our Useful Resources.

We are actively seeking instructors to teach CORE-cr classes. If you are a Level 2 fitness instructor who would like to learn to teach this cutting-edge science, head over to our instructors section.